Access to the web for everyone is a basic human right.

For too long, accessibility for the web has been overlooked and designed only for able-bodied individuals. This stops today. Join the revolution and fix your site.
Imagine waking up tomorrow and no longer being able to see/ hear/ move? What if you had a combination of these? How would you begin to use your computer or touch screen phone as you do today? 20% of the world population has a disability that impacts the way they are able to access information from the internet. Let's work together to make the web accessible to everyone.


What is web accessibility?


Web accessibility is ensuring that anyone and everyone has the capabilities to access and use your website. There are many people in the world with disabilities who also use the web daily. Whether it be the navigation, the content itself, or just visual aspects, we want to allow everyone to be able to interact with our websites as intended.


At minimum, people with visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological disabilities should all be considered when designing for accessibility. By designing with accessibility in mind, you are giving those either with, or without disabilities, a better experience in the digital world. You gain a larger consumer audience by allowing them easy access to information and content that they would otherwise find difficult to gather on other sites.




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